March 03, 2013

What You've Been Waiting For

I realize that in the 4+ months of having this design/decorating blog I have not yet designed nor decorated a single room.  Well, that is about to be rectified!  Over the course of the next month or so, I will be redesigning my medium-sized standard bedroom.

This first makeover should be a special one - in keeping with the theme of the blog, I am taking direct inspiration from the decor of soviet times.  As you can see in the mood board above, simple working-class furniture will be set against the more luxurious accents of baroque-influenced upper-class design.  I'm going to tie it all together with vintage-inspired prints and patterns, and some special artwork that will debut later this week.

Via Marc Veraart and
This makeover will have it all - a small budget, big-box furniture, vintage finds, and a bunch of DIY projects.  Follow me on my first documented adventure, as I transform a boring bedroom into a chic retro retreat!

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