February 21, 2013

Pack It In: Creating Shadow Box Displays

I am a sentimentalist, a.k.a. I have a lot of stuff.  I collect anything that holds a memory of a special person, place, or moment.  Most of us have objects that are dear to us for various reasons, but they often live out of sight, or on an over crowded shelf.

Shadow boxes are here to help!  They don't just protect your precious items from the dust, but also give them the spotlight they deserve.

What is it about a glass box that would make even a dirty sock seem important?

A shadow box allows you to create a personal display - a 3-dimentional work of art - and can be changed as often as desired.

The key to any great display though, is editing - the less cluttered it is, the more importance each item will hold.  Not sure where to start?  Choose items by theme and colour palette.  

The display I've created is in memory of my grandmother and her sister; there are two photographs of them as children, and every other item belonged to one of them.

Create a dynamic display with items of different scale and texture.  Don't the amber pieces look more interesting next to the woven lapti than on their own?

If you have a lot of items you want to display, don't go buying 10 shadow boxes.  Commit to creating a new display a few times a year, that way you can reminisce while creating each new collection, and really enjoy each display while it's out!

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