November 19, 2012

From Russia with Love, and Something Like It

This here makes 2/3 of my posts so far -  about rugs!  I  never knew I had so much to say about them until now.     The reason I am posting about rugs again is because of a specific collection, one that I can't believe I forgot to mention before - the one that  epitomizes a modern-traditional aesthetic, and should have been #1 on my list to discuss!

Behold:  "From Russia with Love" by Jan Kath.  I went to an event at Colin Campbell this past summer and saw these rugs for the first time - displayed vertically in all their giant glory.  It was love at first sight...

Jan gets the inspiration for his rug designs from traditional motifs and reinterprets them in a modern way - this collection is obviously no exception.  Taking inspiration from traditional folk textiles, Jan has created very contemporary interpretations of slavic floral designs...ones that I would one day like to get my hands on.

I didn't bother inquiring about the cost of such a rug, knowing that it is well out of my reach (and comprehension), but I haven't been able to forget those designs and the impact they would have in a room.

Similar rug used at Kate Spade New York

"The look for less" is something most of us want, and I've found a couple of alternatives for these gorgeous rugs.  Good old Anthropologie's got the look, and in 4 different sizes!

Gloria's Garden Rug
Want the look for even less?  Check out Urban Outfitters.  Agreed, the less the cost, the less the rug resembles the real deal - but it's still a contemporary floral with traditional roots...right?
It's only $44!

Bouquet Rug

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