November 16, 2012

Fabric Story

While I impatiently wait for the coming weekend so I can complete my DIY project, I have been spending my evenings (and late, late nights) developing ideas for a fabric line that I will launch for accent cushions.  Why am I blogging about this?  

Well because this collection is inspired by Russian folk art!  Though I don't aim to persuade anyone to get rid of their nesting dolls, or replace a teacup with a pillow, I want to create a line of textiles that is reminiscent of these iconic souvenirs, and reflective of Russian heritage.

In case you are wondering - the cushions will not be in the shape of dolls, and will not have images of spoons on them or anything too far.

Aside from the predictable inspiration above, there are two other sources that I want to draw from;

#1)  Old houses of the Russian countryside.  If I say anymore I will give too much away.  All I can say is - I love them!

#2) The art, colours, and simplicity of Soviet times.  Okay that's also predictable, but if that doesn't appeal to most, I'm not sure what will.

Original photo via

I wish I could share the designing process, but I won't.  I just hope it doesn't take too long, and that in the end there will be a design and cushion to satisfy everyone's taste!

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