November 08, 2012

D1Y - Girl's Entertainment Unit

I went on a trip to the dollar store recently in search of push pins, but instead found a box I fell in love with.  The pattern was very pretty and distantly reminded me of the Russian head dresses (kokoshniks).
I really had no need for another box, but my hungry eyes made me buy it! 

Very shortly I was perusing Craigslist as I do occasionally (or regularly, whatever), and stumbled on an entertainment unit.  Despite it being a new century, many of us still possess these unsightly things...

This one was is very good shape surprisingly, and was just calling to be made over.  I answered its call and in the end, not only did I get this unit free - but the owner even delivered it to my house!

It goes without saying that this "beauty" will be the vessel for a design inspired by my dollar store find.

And to kick off my design plan I picked up a few more key pieces:  A mini-ornate mirror in the same electric cyan as the box, an antique silver tray, and a set of petal gift wrap.  *Spoiler:  There will be no gift wrapping.*

Stay tuned to see how I use the gift wrap, and how this budget project turns out!

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