October 20, 2012

The post to start all posts

  My story begins in June 2006.  Though I was studying psychology at university, I always had a keen interest in design.  One summer morning, I woke up and found the new House & Home edition had been delivered.  On the front page was the makeover done by one of the style editors which I instantly zoned in on.  That headboard!  That colour!  It reminded me of Russian khokhloma - bright red, feminine curvilinear strokes; I automatically started dreaming up a room based off of the headboard as inspiration, and khokhloma as the concept.  I thought, and I sketched, and I got very excited.  
I needed to have those headboards.  

I got in contact with the designer and explained to her that I had to have at least one of her headboards.  She was very willing to sell them to me...but for an unreasonable (for my budget) amount.  I considered it at first, but recovered from my frenzy and decided to put my design on hold.  

Another sleepless night brought on by a design idea led me to an epiphany - this is what I should be doing with my life.  I had been sketching rooms and kept awake by thoughts of painting and remodelling for years, how didn't I come to realize interior design is my path sooner?  It didn't take me long to decide that I should withdraw from next semester's psych courses and apply to Design school, and I haven't looked back.

Though it took several years (5 to be exact) to find a similar headboard, and an opportunity to implement my design, I finally got that dream room that led me here.  Traditional and slightly contemporary, it's more than I hoped for that summer break from Psychology.

  If it wasn't for that image in that magazine that morning, I might be blogging about my current Psych patients (only I would't because that's not ethical.  I would be reading a psych book, or filing, or something)-- thank you, House & Home Magazine, for nudging me into the creative world of Interior Design!

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