October 26, 2012


With each visit back to Russia I get more and more disheartened by the dissipation of a Russian aesthetic (be it traditional, or Soviet) from today's interiors.

Most (if not all) renovations and new purchases try to achieve what is considered to be a modern "European" look, but the renovations are executed in a way that doesn't look as stylish as intended,  and doesn't seem to suit the Russian lifestyle and its history.

There isn't a huge interior decor market in the slavic countries, and unfortunately the furniture industry in Russia hasn't progressed much since the "Euro Reno" craze of the 1990's- leading to cheap versions of European-style furniture and bulky styleless seating.

When I was faced with the aforementioned style faux pas again this summer, I started seriously thinking about what it is that makes a Russian interior "Russian"; 
the wallpaper, the glass chandeliers, a table tucked into the corner of the living room that's pulled in front of the sofa for parties?... 

Maybe these and other essential elements - that have become so familiar to the everyday lives of regular Russians - can be reinterpreted to create beautiful and current interiors that still have a slavic and nostalgic essence.  In this blog I will share my inspirations and ideas on how to help a contemporary home nod to slavic and soviet tradition.

Olya Thompson's House. Vogue Magazine.

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