March 26, 2013

Sprucing up Maple (and MDF Furniture)

My bedroom makeover is under way, and I am glad to have finally finished the painting.  The walls look great, but my entire body is aching!  

This week I didn't have a lot of time, so I decided to quickly spruce up my furniture - the dresser and night stand.

I bought a vintage hutch a while ago that was the right scale and style.  This piece is very typical of Russian apartments; all of my grandparents had a version of this, which is usually outfitted with fine china, stemware, and family photos slid behind the glass.  

For my purpose though, I will be using it without the hutch.  I'm not sure what I will store behind the glass below (though I know it won't be fine china), but whatever it is, I won't want to see.  

So what's today's project?  Easy glass etching!

For the side table, I will be etching a mirror that I had cut to the size of my table top.  First, I taped off the edges so that they remain reflective.

I also taped two strips onto the back side of the glass doors.

Following the instructions on the can I sprayed three even coats onto the glass.  I then removed the tape from the glass and sprayed another two coats, for a total of 5.

 The mirror got 5 even coats, and I removed the tape right after the last coat.

With our table and bed back in place, my handy husby attached a pretty handle to the top drawer before I topped it off with the glass:

I attached 6 sticky squares to the top for cushion and stability, and then pressed the glass on top.

I like the etched top so that the lamp won't reflect in the table, and the mirrored band has an almost beveled effect.

The dresser glass I just popped back in, and am surprised at how transformed the piece looks without the hutch, and with opaque glass - perfect!

Next I'll be making a roman blind, which I'm very excited about - I can't wait to add some pizzaz to the window wall.  This should be a relatively easy project too, and I'm excited to share it with you...soon...

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