March 16, 2013

Jumping Off

As my luck would have it, just as I was about to get started on my makeover last week, I was debilitated by a cold.  Now that I am finally better, I am ready to jump in head first and try to catch up on the time I've missed.

As you'll see in the photos below, there is nothing really wrong with the bedroom aside from it being too basic.  Basic = boring = boo!  I've been dreaming of adding some life to these walls for a long time, and am thrilled to finally be getting to it.  Everything in the room has been moved besides the bed, since we will be sleeping here during the minor chaos.  Now all I need are my paint tools!

I have opted to try stencilling this time since I've never done it before.  I think an interesting pattern is exactly what this door-laden wall needs, since I can't hang art or put furniture there.

And now...Spoiler Alert!  I jumped the gun on the headboard.  And since the bed isn't going anywhere, here is there most unepic reveal ever!  

That's the IKEA bed from my mood board, with the headboard upholstered.  

When my husband brought it home, it was important to upholster it before he assembled the bed, so we quickly took care of that without really documenting the process.  The gist is:  Foam + fabric.  Cut + stretch + staple. voila!

This ink-blot fabric I used looks rather contemporary, but it is actually fabric that my mother bought back when she was in school!  I found it in our apartment in Russia last summer, and brought it home.  My mother now hates it, and can't imagine why she ever bought it.  Luckily (only for me), I rather like it and think it'll be perfect in this room!

With the first fabric chosen (and already put to work) I proceeded to choose a paint colour that I would use for my stencil.  This "Smoky" colour seemed to be the perfect neutral to go with the headboard.

Thank goodness I splurged (a whole $6) for a sample!  Though the colour looks great against the headboard, it was "too cool" for the wall colour, and for my liking in general.

Back in my sample booklet I chose a warmer colour from the same family.  Hopefully "Satin Weave" will play nicer with the current wall colour, because I ordered a gallon...stay tuned to see if made the right choice!

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