January 08, 2013

Crossing Media

Cross-stitching has been a traditional Eastern European craft since the 1600s.  Usually in black and red,  cotton thread was used to embellish household linens and clothing.  Cross-stitching is still seen in fashion and decoration, and lately there has been a revival of the craft in very unexpected ways....

via forum.slavorum.com and folkcostume.blogspot.ca

Ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant's furniture line draws inspiration from traditional stitching and embroidery.  The stone furniture has an unexpected delicate silhouette made from man-made and almost indestructible Corian which is hand threaded with durable polyester thread. Love it!  Read more.

via mr. x stitch

via mr. x stitch
via yaroslavgalant.com
via yaroslavgalant.com

The next example is an even more unorthodox application of cross-stitching, but is equally as cool.  Lithuanian artist Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė's embellishment of car parts and metal household items is quirky and gives importance to what are considered insignificant details to most.  Read more.

Granted, cross-stitching your car is not the most practical decoration, but if you're looking for a home accent - how about a cross-stitched bowl?  Industreal's series by italian designers Guillaume Delvigne and Ionna Vautrin allows you to purchase the "aida" bowl along with pattern instructions, thread, needle and threader.  Or play it thrifty with a perforated bowl from the dollar store and simple yarn and needle!  

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Want an even thriftier solution?  Own some markers?  Check out Ilaria's simple cross-stitch tutorial and get inspired to simply embellish anything!

via IDA Interior Lifestyle
If you like the idea of embroidered furniture, head over to My Poppet for a step-by-step on cross-stitching your own chair!  And for another contemporary hit of cross-stitch, check out the cute new hooks from London's Chocolate Creative.  Enjoy!

via My Poppet 

via Chocolate Creative

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