December 19, 2012

Sewing into the Holidays

For the past few years my mother, sister-in-law and I try to spend as much time as possible doing family activities together during the holidays.  When feasible, we try to include the guys but they don't seem to get very excited about crafting or baking.

Each alternating weekend one of us girls chooses the activity we all partake in, and I always seem to make it either difficult for myself, or everyone!  A few years ago it was my stocking - that I quilted together, in different colour combos for each side.  Last year it was my chosen activity - quilted double-sided Christmas placemats that took way too long (see a "quilting pattern"?  No pun intended.  At first).

This year my mom's choice was to make holiday aprons so that we could bake in them the following week.  Great!  Only my apron design turned into another quilting-esque project...  The others' aprons turned out beautiful, but took quite a bit less time to make.

The irony is that due to the amount of work I created for myself, I was sewing my apron while mom and Fiona did all of the Christmas baking.  Eventually it got done, but at that point, so were all the cookies!

It's a good thing there's still Christmas dinner to prepare, so this thing will get some use after all.  Thanks for the Cookie Breaks, Fiona!

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